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L Lulu's L Luxury B Boarding C Cattery

Pagants,  Stebbing Green,  Essex,  CM6 3TE       07854 171524


Lulu Lulu’s Lulus Luxury Boarding Cattery CM6 Essex Stebbing Dunmow Takely Rayne Braintree Stansted Stebbing Green Caroline Finlay  

10 beautifully appointed themed rooms to make our guests feel at home.

Some of our rooms have the facility to be configured as adjoining rooms to accommodate larger families or for greater space. A worthwhile consideration for longer stays.

All our rooms are thoughtfully designed and purpose built with en-suite facilities
and furnished to the highest standards of luxury, with toys and scratching posts.

Bedrooms have views to the garden, thermostatically controlled heating,
super comfy beds, peace and privacy.

L ulu-Cam is installed in every room so you can login at any time from anywhere on the planet and see what a great time your furries are having.

Gericatrics: A word about your elderly felines. We have low level beds and can provide
extra padding, orthopaedic beds, peace & quiet

Just call me to discuss any concerns you may have and please check out T&Cs.

As well as care and attention, hygiene and best practice are a top priority
: Felines by nature are fastidious and like to be clean.
All our rooms are meticulously serviced regularly.

Litter trays are checked frequently
and cleaned as necessary.
Only cat-safe feeding bowls (definitely, NOT china) are used to avoid risk of dangerous chipping or breakages, and of course washed between each mealtime.
Approved disinfectant is used throughout.
Sneeze barriers between rooms are fitted as standard.
Rooms, bedding and ‘facilities’ are thoroughly sanitised between guests.

The uPVC fabrication (supplied by Pedigree Pens) is hygienic, resistant to the harbouring of germs and fully compliant with CIEH guidelines.



Field views from the play area, with
wind catchers and spinners in the
trees for interest and entertainment.

by Delilah

In-House Treatments

For those that like a fuss, pampering is offered as standard at no extra charge.

Tummy tickle
Ear massage
Chin rub



Meals are generally served twice daily but we are happy to serve according to guest’s requirements.
 we ask that owners bring their cat's preferred food
as a Sudden change of diet in unfamiliar surroundings may cause stress leading to tummy upsets.
We do have a sweetie jar for treats which we are happy to give under owners instruction.
Only Health-Spa filtered water is served
and is refreshed regularly.

My assistant Sarah is a fully qualified groomer. She offers a pedicure/manicure (Claw-clipping) service and full grooming.

Nails from £8 / Cat

Grooming from £30 / Cat

Pre-booking is strongly advised


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